The Mountain in My Mind

The Mountain in My Mind

Charlie Botting

The Mountain in My Mind: Charlie Botting arrived at the Chilcotin Holidays ranch in the mountains of British Columbia, looking for more in life, a sense of purpose, to be something more. On this transformational journey Charlie approached “The Mountain in My Mind”, learning from horses, fellow community partners and nature how to take responsibility and initiative, to develop self-confidence and guide guests safely through the mountains.

Charlie had the choice to take the easy route around the mountain, continuing without a purpose, or blaze a new trail to the top to achieve personal growth. Charlie blazed this new trail, facing every challenge to become empowered.

On summiting this mountain, Charlie learned it was really part of a ridge that extended all the way to the horizon. A transformational journey is a life long process of struggle and success. The next step is to share this experience with others to inspire and empower them to develop themselves.

Genre tags: Empowerment, Transformational journey, Wilderness lifestyle

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