Intentional Work

Intentional Work

Lea Dahlke

Intentional work is something different to what most people have experienced during their employment so far. It is different to what society perceives are the standards of work. An outside-the-box approach. About understanding the true nature of an organization’s being and the purpose of the individuals acting in it, based on their interests and goals.

For over 30 years the work design of a wilderness eco-tourism business in British Columbia has evolved to what is now defined as intentional work. Intentional work is a hands-on, proven and implemented approach. It energizes and empowers employees to find fulfillment in the work they are doing. As much as every staff member is responsible for defining their interests and intentions and for taking ownership for them, the organization is equally responsible for facilitating opportunities and empowering the staff.

If you are motivated to implement intentional work in your organization and to empower your employees the process starts with you.

Genre tags: Employment, Leadership, Management

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