Book Publishing Services

At Fortress Press, we provide a number of book publishing services that will help you get your book in the hands of readers. Whether you are looking for advice on how to it yourself, would like support on a particular topic or need guidance and support for the whole process, we’ve got you covered.

What we offer:

  • Assistance in writing

Help on how to get past writer’s block.

  • Editing of manuscripts

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, flow, logic.

  • Graphic design and photographic layout

Cover design includes front cover, back cover and spine with all formatting of this for print as well as layout and internal photos of your book if these are part of your project.

  • Setting up additional pages

Your copyright page, acknowledgements page, references page and author bio page.

  • Text layout and general book design

Standardization of font, layout, margins, page numbers throughout your book.

  • Getting an ISBN

If you want to sell your book, it needs an ISBN, we can get it for you, or you can read our article to get it yourself.

  • Local printing

You control the number and frequency of print runs. Receive a proof copy to check for final changes before printing. Reprints as necessary.

  • Promotion of your book through our marketing platforms

We share your book through our website and on our social media channels.

  • Consulting on how to do your own book marketing

Help on setting up your own website (either book specific or as an author), getting your book in local stores, setting up your social media accounts.

You are in control, so you can pick and choose the services you require from us. Unlike a traditional publisher, it won’t take years to get a printed book, you can have your book in the time frame you choose. You also retain all copyright for your book. This means that we charge a commission on any books you sell through us, instead of us paying you royalties.

And it’s not just book publishing services…

At Fortress Press we offer a number of content creation and management services that can be used to market your book, or for other online marketing needs:

  • Social Media

Photograph selection, content writing, scheduling and posting social media posts

  • Websites

Content writing, SEO set up, updates and maintenance, website maintenance and updates

Take a look at our published works

Need some inspiration for how your book could look? Visit our books page to see examples of cover designs and book themes. Our book publishing services can help you create your own book.