Fortress Press’ published authors include:

Charlie Botting

Charlie Botting has been writing about personal development, nature connection and conservation since moving to Canada. Charlie uses her experiences working on a guest ranch as inspiration for her work. Charlie’s writing comes from her experience guiding guests through the wilderness on eco-tour and hunting trips, running a trapline, logging, bookkeeping, ranch and animal management and the day-to-day existence that comes from living in a remote location such as splitting firewood, maintaining the creek for water, being self-sufficient and harvesting food from the land. She lives in the Chilcotin Ark of British Columbia with her family and community.

Charlie’s books include:

Lea Dahlke

Lea Dahlke is a consultant for organizational behavior and employee development. She studied International Business Management (BA) and Organizational Studies (Msc), focusing her studies and research on how to create meaningful and fulfilling work, receiving top grades for her theses. After experiencing fulfillment and meaningfulness in her work at Chilcotin Holidays, she dedicated her self to empowering others to experience the same fulfillment in their work. She supports various businesses in implementing an intentional work design aligned to their purpose. She also offers various kinds of training on intentional work, from online courses to hands-on training programs and coaching empowering individuals to create meaningful work for themselves and others. Originally from Germany, she lives now in the Chilcotin Ark of British Columbia with her hound dogs and community.

Lea’s books include: